Kirkheaton Primary School

The Brief:

The Head at Kirkheaton Primary School (KPS) was keen to promote the school’s new strategy and ways of teaching/learning in a consistent and compelling way to both existing students and parents and new prospective students and parents, who were looking for primary school opportunities in the local and surrounding areas.

What We Did:

After collaboratively working with the team of staff and governors, we re-branded Kirkheaton Primary School’s out of date and what appeared to be irrelevant logo for a more contemporary, relevant and engaging logo and identity which reflected the agreed strategy and ‘Play, Learn, Achieve’ approach. A photoshoot was also arranged with a local photographer to capture the children playing, learning and achieving in the school environment.


This identity and engaging imagery was rolled out into all communications including: school uniforms, literature, stationery, signage and engaging graphics throughout the school and classrooms.

We’ve been extremely impressed by the professional approach taken by 1017 from start to finish. The end-product is exactly what we needed, we know our project will have the impact we set out for and have had some great comments about our marketing publications. Thank you for a superb and efficient service, and a very friendly and committed business arrangement.

Samantha Gallant
Headteacher, Kirkheaton Primary School